Our Mission

The mission of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. is to promote the importance of community service involvement and academic achievement as well as to educate and excel the stance of Latino cultures in this diversely enriched society.

We come together as sisters, developing strong women into future leaders within their local communities, and national community. Since 1992, sisters of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. have been agents of change in their respective fields of study and their respective universities. The outstanding women who form our sisterhood are true examples of what a Señorita is.

Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. is founded on the principles of Community Service, Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness and of course Sisterhood. Our purpose is to promote leadership and encourage women to succeed in life through higher education. It is our goal to help shape ourselves into the leaders of today and tomorrow and establish our place among society as strong and independent women.

Community Service

The sisters of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. are dedicated to helping the community.  Our Philanthropy is the Boys & Girls Club of America and each chapter that has a club near them is involved and participate in various events each year.

“Latinas Helping Others”
Ellas tienen ambición.
Ellas tienen dignidád.
Ellas tienen determinación.
Ellas son Señoritas Latinas en Acción!

We ensure the quality of life in their areas is improved through the many different community service projects that each chapter hosts and participates in throughout the year.

Academic Achievement

Above all else, the sisters of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. strive to further their education and graduate.  Adjusting to college life can be challenging–especially managing a class schedule and balancing other activities. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and sometimes is a struggle to stay on top of more rigorous coursework.

By joining our sisterhood members are able to gain information and skills in academics, study tips, and time management.  We take academics very seriously, and all our sisters expect every woman to strive to fulfill her academic potential. There is a minimum GPA required to join and continue to be an active member of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. Each member keeps a log of study hours, and individual chapters form study groups in order to ensure academic success.

Cultural Awareness

We are dedicated to promoting, at our respective campuses, the understanding and knowledge of various Hispanic cultures to help overcome barriers caused by all forms of discrimination.  Although our sisterhood is Latina based we are a multicultural accepting sorority.  Not everyone in our sorority has a Latina background.  We embrace cultures from all over the world to help everyone understand this unique and diverse world we live in.


Of course, this organization was build with the purpose of creating a support system for women once they have entered the university.  We provide our members a family away from home – in order to facilitate the retention of motivated students. Members of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Incorporated create a unique bond through programs and services that cultivate leaders in our communities.  We strive to better our communities,  graduate college and go out into the world and be agents of change.