July 24, 2016


The Journey to Sisterhood

Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a service sorority founded in the summer of 1992 by Angeles Gonzalez. Angeles read an article in Hispanic Magazine about a national Hispanic sorority called Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas at the University of Pennsylvania. She wrote to the sorority for more information, and began to inquire about proper procedures for establishing a sorority on campus through the Office of Student Development. She began recruiting ten girls to be the “founding mothers”. However, Sigma Lambda Upsilon of Pennsylvania decided against starting a chapter in Texas because of the distance between the two states. As a result, Angeles decided to begin a new sorority to be called Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority/Señoritas Latinas en Accion. From there, they discussed what the organization’s goals would be and elected officers. The Founding Mothers and first officers for the sorority were as follows:

Angeles Gonzalez
Aliza Gonzalez
Cristina Garza
Andrea Quiñones
Brenda Sotelo
Alicia Padilla
Maria Lozano

These ladies worked throughout the Fall semester of 1992 to establish their sorority and induct the first class. The first pledge class was inducted in the Spring of 1993. Thus, the sisterhood of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. was established at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.